Tips & Techniques

1) Always start by stretching and waxing your thread. I use Thread Heaven thread conditioner but you can also use bees wax.

2) Take a small juice glass and wrap the rim with some blue painters tape.This helps to hold your glass ball. DO NOT OMIT THIS PART trust me:) Also if you are making a cover that sits on the glass ball use a old beat up glass ball to bead on. When its finished place the cover on a new ball. If you are making a cover that encloses the whole glass ball be careful not to scratch it up.

3) I set all my stuff up on a bead mat. I make a small pile on the bead
mat with all my beads. Sometimes to avoid confusion I will take
stickers and label my piles A B C ect.....

4) Thread your needle. I cut off about 4 arm lengths of thread. Use a
length you are comfortable with. When you have about5 inches of
thread left you will need to add more, Weave back and forth through
your beadwork adding a couple knots and cut your thread. Starting
with a new length of thread weave through your beadwork adding a
few knots but make sure your needle is coming out of the right bead
to continue your beadwork.

5) Keep a pair of flat nose pliers handy incase you need a little extra help pulling your thread through the beads.